CosmicScope - The Most Advanced Miniature Telescope

Every Outdoor Enthusiast Needs This

  • Stop carrying around heavy, expensive camera equipment
  • Super sharp and ultra compact zoom lens
  • Revolutionary optic technology for crystal clear images and videos
  • 10x Super-Zoom technology

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I was tired of constantly carrying around heavy lenses, multiple cameras and other gear. CosmicScope fits in my pocket and allows me to create perfect shots anywhere I go.

Tim B.

Verified Buyer

State Of The Art Technology

CosmicScope can be mounted on any smartphone, but can also be used standalone.The secret behind CosmicScope lies in its super-powerful aspherical lenses. The same ones used by big-name monoculars that cost thousands of dollars.

Take it camping, hunting, sightseeing… and get yourself immersed in mother nature. Even kids love it! Stop carrying around heavy, expensive, bulky equipment.

CosmicScope was built to last! Multicoated optical glass lenses and the rugged polymer housing make it loved by both professional photographers and amateurs.

  • Super-crisp pictures & videos
  • Multicoated optical glass
  • High-quality BAK4 prism
  • Rugged polymer housing
  • Water & fogproof
  • Compact & lightweight

A New Era In Photography

Take Super-Sharp Photos & Videos From Miles Away

CosmicScope’s superior optics boost your phone camera up to 12x. You can now view faraway objects as if you were standing right next to them.

Use It With ANY Smartphone

CosmicScope works with ALL Android and Apple smartphones. And you can set it up in minutes. With ZERO tech skills. You can also use it as a standalone monocular telescope.

Rugged, Long-Lasting Construction

CosmicScope is made of extremely tough polymer that requires ZERO maintenance. It’s waterproof, scratch-resistant, and fogproof. It also protects the optics from accidental drops and extreme conditions.

Forget About Bulky Tripods & Heavy Cameras

CosmicScope is a perfect tool for taking stunning photos & videos on the go. And it fits in your pocket. Finally! You can save room in your backpack for more important things. A portable tripod is included.

Extreme Super Zoom

CosmicScope is so good some privacy experts say it should be forbidden. It lets you zoom in really close!

What People Are Saying

Crisp images in full HD

“I was skeptical when I first saw CosmicScope online. I couldn’t believe you could get this quality for such a low price. I’m glad I was DEAD WRONG! I ordered it anyway cause it was so cheap. I had nothing to lose. And boy, did it blow me away! My jaw dropped after the first couple of clicks. CosmicScope is everything a true outdoor lover needs.”

Mike D. Verified Buyer

Professional-quality photos for cheap!

“I used my CosmicScope to take a photo of my grandson on top of a huge hill a couple of days ago. Needless to say, I was keeping it safe at the bottom. And still, the picture looked like I was standing right next to him. That’s good quality in my book!”

Charles K. Verified Buyer

This thing is INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!

“This little telescope went through thick and thin with me. Rain, snow, heavy wind, rugged terrain… I dropped it a million times… And it still keeps going like nothing happened. CosmicScope is a serious piece of equipment. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts that need reliable photo gear without spending a fortune.”

Ian L. Verified Buyer

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